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Summer Sale: 15% Off Harvia & HUUM Products. Call or Live Chat For Discount Code.


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Frequently Asked Questions


We offer free shipping on all orders regardless of price. We are committed to ensuring you do not have to pay for shipping and have a transparent buying experience and receive the best service possible.

Unfortunately we are currently not shipping to any countries outside of the USA. When it comes to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, we are not shipping to these states either at this time.

Generally speaking any shipment that is via UPS/FedEx takes 1-2 business days to leave our warehouse. Any shipment via LTL takes 3-5 business days to leave our warehouse.

You are going to receive tracking information once we have it. This will be emailed to you as soon as we ship your order.

We meticulously package and ship our products with great attention to detail. Should you encounter any damage or find missing parts upon delivery, please reach out to our support team right away.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we'll swiftly arrange for replacements to be sent to you.

We operate within the United States in the Northwest Indiana Region. Our address is found in the footer below, but we are based within the USA and all products are being shipped from our warehouse which is also located within the USA.

Installation & Use

Rest assured, we have everything under control! While our saunas are crafted for effortless self-installation, complete with a comprehensive step-by-step guide, we also provide white-glove installation services in select regions.

At an extra cost, our reliable installation experts will guarantee that your sauna is flawlessly installed in your preferred location. Prior to placing your order, just contact us to confirm the availability of this service in your area. We believe your wellness journey should be seamless from beginning to end.

Typical household electrical outlets operate at 120 volts, with the majority rated at 15 amps, while certain areas like bathrooms or kitchens may have 20-amp outlets.

Our sauna models generally operate on either 120v or 240v, depending on the specific model and size. To ascertain the electrical requirements for the sauna model you're considering, please refer to its specifications or reach out to our Customer Support Team.

However, for certain models, it might be necessary to enlist the services of an electrician to install the appropriate electrical circuit.

Our saunas are engineered to function without needing special ventilation or exhaust systems. Nonetheless, it's advisable to maintain adequate air circulation within the room where the sauna is situated.

Certainly, our saunas are equipped with intuitive controls, enabling you to tailor the temperature to your preference. This ensures that each session is tailored to meet your comfort and wellness goals.

Maintenance requirements are minimal. After each use, simply wipe down the interior to eliminate any sweat or moisture. For a more thorough cleaning every few months, we suggest using natural cleaners to uphold the wood's integrity and keep it fresh.

Health Considerations

Frequent sauna use can result in various benefits, including enhanced blood circulation, detoxification, improved cognitive function, stress reduction, and enhanced sleep quality.

To maximize the benefits, it's advisable to utilize the sauna 3-4 times per week, with each session lasting 15-20 minutes. Nevertheless, it's prudent to seek personalized guidance from a healthcare professional.

Numerous users often experience immediate relaxation and stress relief following a single session. However, for enduring health benefits such as enhanced skin health or detoxification, consistent usage over several weeks is advised.

The main distinction lies in size and capacity. A 1-person sauna is compact, perfect for individual relaxation, while a 2-person or larger sauna offers more room and is excellent for shared experiences. When making your decision, take into account your available space and intended usage of the sauna. Feel free to reach out to us for further information and assistance

Warranty & Returns

Absolutely, our saunas are backed by a warranty that safeguards against material and workmanship defects. Extended warranties are also accessible for certain products. For detailed information on warranty policies, please refer to the product pages.

We meticulously package and ship our saunas with great attention to detail. Should you encounter any damage or discover missing parts upon delivery, please reach out to our support team without delay. Your request will be given top priority, and we will swiftly arrange for replacements to be sent out.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you're dissatisfied with your purchase, we're committed to working with you to make it right, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

For the most current information on our refund and return policies, please refer to the Refund & Return Policies section in the footer of the website. All return requests stemming from workmanship issues, shipping mishaps, or warranty claims are fully covered

Should you have any other inquiries regarding our policies, please don't hesitate to contact us before making your purchase. We're here to address any concerns you may have.

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Lavish Bathroom takes pride in assisting you in creating the bathroom of your dreams. We also are going to help you create it faster since all orders ship out within 1-2 business days. With our product selection and elite customer service, we will bring your vision for your dream bathroom to life.